One of the major factors that determines how much we enjoy one singer compared to another is what we might call “likability.” When I go to see The Rolling Stones or even the opera, I’m not particularly interested in having cocktails with Keith Richards. But in terms of the singers whom we want to listen to, we choose the performers the same way that we choose the companion sitting next to us, people whose company we enjoy.

This is why I gravitated to Deborah Silver as soon as I heard her live at Jazz at Lincoln Center (and Feinstein’s/54 Below). Yes, the visual factor is there, and so is the voice and the musical chops. (You can just go ahead and check off those boxes, thank you very much.) But even before she was halfway through her first number, I was pulled in by the personality, the charisma — the life force. You could tell instantly that here was a fun gal, someone you would invite to a party, someone you would bring to a dinner, someone who would never fail to entertain and amuse you, regardless of whether she was on a bandstand or at the other end of the table.

Obviously, I’m not the only participant who wanted to join the Deborah Silver party. She has attracted such high profile supporters as superstar singer and producer Steve Tyrell, who raised his hand to produce this album; the legendary Jack Jones, who volunteered to duet with Deborah on “I’ve Got a Crush On You” and the brilliant Alan Broadbent, who wrote all of the arrangements.

Deborah is a miraculously three-dimensional performer; she hardly ever sings a song the same way. There’s an engaging upbeat quality in everything she sings. The tune that originally grabbed me was her mambo arrangement of “Never on Sunday,” the combination of that classic Greek song and a clave beat is both irreverent and just plain fun. Obviously, there’s a message about finding silver linings behind dark clouds in “Pennies from Heaven” and “The Glory of Love,” yet she’s upbeat and seductive in “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” and “On a Slow Boat to China,” and worldly-wise (but still upbeat) in “I Could Write a Book.” She turns “I Could Have Danced All Night” into an ode to amour and now it’s more romance than dance, whereas “Crush on You,” with our pal Jack as a guest leading man here, is more than ever a slow dance for two.

Even so, these observations of mine can only get you so far. If you’ve heard Ms. Silver before, you know how much fun it is to spend time with her — musically, I mean. If she’s new to you, then let me introduce you to your new best friend.
Will Friedwald
Author and Music Critic, Wall Street Journal
Deborah Silver, A modern American Songbook stylist who is not afraid to take chances with new material and new directions. Brilliantly, she immerses her audience with her unique style breathing new life into every song.
Charlie Calello
Producer, Arranger of 38 Top Ten Hits
A crowd-pleasing package: a world class voice wrapped up in simply sensational showmanship.
Jeff Harnar
MAC, BISTRO, and Broadway World Award-winning Director and Performer
For centuries they have been trying to turn other metals into Gold. Silver has become Gold on this album. I promise you’re gonna eat it up!
Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 11.16.59 PM
Stephen Sorokoff
Broadway World
It was a great pleasure to share this musical experience with Deborah and her love of the American Songbook. A love which shines through in her interpretations and her joy of singing, full of feeling and emotion.
Alan Broadbent
Two-Time Grammy Award Winning Arranger (who won his first Grammy for Natalie Cole’s Unforgettable)
Deborah Silver’s strong and sultry vocals are seductive and soul soothing. Her talent and beauty are equally extraordinary. Whatever she sings she owns, making every note matter! One listen and you know… Deborah Silver is the real deal.
Quincy Jones
When Deborah Silver takes over a mike, she doesn’t just visit the stage, she owns it! Trust me. With beauty, style, talent, swinging musical savvy and a bundle of bazazz, Deborah Silver’s got it all in one package. She’s a thrill, a swinging show-biz whirlwind…and a bargain at any price!
Rex Reed
New York Observer
I love this album! The cover alone calls to you and speaks volumes about the content, like the old days with Julie London – a truly elegant, soulful woman singing The Gold Standards, a magnificent presentation of the Great American Songbook. Deborah’s duet with Jack Jones, one of the great legends of all time, is a beautiful, rendition of this classic. The amount of passion and dedication for these songs, produced by Steve Tyrell, arranged by Alan Broadbent, performed by fabulous musicians and interpreted by Deborah Silver, is evident in this masterpiece. The Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook has chosen it as Album of the Year by a newcomer — a treasure for the ages!
Dick Robinson
Founder of Society for The Preservation of The Great American Songbook
Deborah Silver is one of the freshest new jazz vocalists on the scene today!’ Her unique style and ability to blend her southern soul with the classic American Songbook results in a very refreshing approach to these beautiful, timeless songs that spell happiness and joy for the listener.
Steve Tyrell
Grammy Winning Producer
Sassy, soulful and with the perfect dash of mischief, Deborah Silver, takes any song and makes it her own. The Great American Songbook has a treasured friend in this woman and I am grateful to call her my friend, as well. Mark my words- one of these days Deborah Silver is going Platinum!
Ann Hampton Callaway
As a songwriter, I’m always impressed with a singer who can bring a unique vocal sound and impeccable phrasing to her records. Deborah Silver is all of that and then some! Her smooth velvety vocals and “in the pocket” rhythm light my fire.
Dennis Lambert
12-time Grammy nominated songwriter and producer
Deborah Silver’s unique combination of her upbringing in the blues along with her in-depth knowledge of the Great American Songbook creates a new and refreshing voice to carry these classic songs and bring new life to this music. That voice creates an original take on these popular songs and will be carried with her fans for years to come! Great Album!
Jon Allen